Method of BRONZE

You start by creating a model with black or brown wax. If you want to make a bigger object than do dthat with clay. The mold of wax should always be reinforced with wood or copper or the object will fall.

If the mold is completely to your liking then it can go to the foundry to make a rubber mold. The rubber mold will be plaster cast for reinforcing. This is a containing liquid.

After curing, the mold is removed and you will start updating the mold to reach full object is like you want. If you are finished then the mold can go back to the foundry.  (photo 1-5)


100 gr.  displays was 100 gr. bronze

The temperature at the casting,  1100 ?C


When the metal object is back from the foundry you can finish working on it, coarse or very fine. Then send the item back to the foundry where the nails will be taken out, and the holes are drilled and welded. After that go to work on the final finish. If the item is ready for the last time, this can then return to the foundry after which the object in the patina color you have in mind.          (photo 6-17)


Not All Colors are Possible        Photos  (klick here)