Thea Slikboer was born on September 19, 1958 in Ridderkerk.  She grew up in Ridderkerk and now she lives in Heerjansdam

At a young age, she was creative at primary school and continued in high school. But from her 20th had intensified her focus on sport. Her passion was bodybuilding and sports, she practiced bodybuilding at a high level until her 40th year.

When she was 37 she and her husband began a fitness centre in Ridderkerk and around that time she had not time to develop her self any further in her art.

From her 40th when the Fitness Centre was three years old, she got more time to work on her passion art.


 Her first pieces are:


Woman with an acorn   -   Chinese warrior   -  Water fairy


At Studio Lemarez in Rijsoord Thea followed various courses.

Then she went even further, leaving only her casting in the foundry property. The finish is completely self-made by Thea. Meanwhile, Thea disgned art for various clients: